Not only will you get the book, but you'll get an autograph from Nina herself! There is a limited number of these copies available! Once they run out, they're out! 


This book is based on the true story of a famous chicken from Marshfield, MO. She was stuck in the median of the freeway for almost two weeks. During that time, many tried to catch her in hopes she could be saved. She was finally saved and trasnferred into a rescue. She's now living out her days on the perfect farm, fat and happy, still practicing her ninja ways. Learn about the adventure from her eyes in this cute story about a chicken who never gives up.


All proceeds go to Ninja Nina's care and rescue work local to Marshfield, MO.


Book Size: 5.5" x 8.5"

Page Count: 29

Great for ages 6+

Autographed Nina: Ninja Chicken Warrior Book

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