• Want perfectly boiled eggs without dealing with the water, babysitting the stove, etc.? Throw those eggs in the air fryer! Set it and forget it. You’ll have perfectly boiled eggs in minutes.

  • Ingredients include eggs.

  • Due to the nature of this product, I do not offer refunds once purchased.
  • This Set Includes: 6 Ingredient Shots (3 vertical & 3 horizontal. 1 each of just white eggs, 1 each of just brown eggs, and 1 each of brown and white eggs together.) 10 Process Shots (7 vertical, 3 horizontal. 1 horizontal of just white, 1 horizontal of just brown, and 1 with mixed eggs. verticals have a couple of each kind.) Document with recipe, tips, pertinent product links, etc., and 30 Final Shots (20 vertical, 10 horizontal)
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PLR Air Fryer Boiled Eggs Version 1